A sweet dog that will become the best friend of the baby and will teach him so many things! Greet your baby’s best friend! The Doggie is soft for many hugs and ready to play with your baby offering him an endless educational game! With every touch of the baby, the Dog responds with songs and phrases that learn more than 100 first words, body parts, colors, shapes and so much more! And as each baby grows at their own pace, The Doggie has Smart Stages™ technology, so you can choose the level of learning that best suits your baby.
Three game levels with many different songs, sounds and phrases. His colorful heart flashes in the rhythm of the music! Level 1 – Exploration: The baby plays with the Dog and presses his hands, leg, heart, nose or ear to hear first words, colors, the alphabet, parts of the body and much more! Level 2 – Participation: At this level, funny phrases reward the baby as the Doggie will encourage him to measure with him, find colors and recognize parts of the body! Level 3 – Imitation: The Dog is ready to play imitation games and develop the baby’s vocabulary with fun songs and phrases!